Men of Issachar are committed to the continued growth and advancement of the ministry of Aglow International. As such, we have initiated The Nehemiah Project. Through the NP we will work to raise funds for strategic projects to help maximize the ministry's kingdom effectiveness.

Current Project: Aglow Video Production Equipment

Objective: Provide new funding to equip Aglow International to produce video for live events, teaching, communications and promotions.
Why? Video content is powerful and effective at conveying a message. It evokes trust, curiosity and confidence in the viewer. A well-produced video can go viral on the internet with thousands of views in a matter of hours.
For Aglow to remain current and relevant in today’s culture, we must be equipped to produce compelling and professional video content.
Our plan is to begin producing teaching videos, live events and livestream sessions from our headquarters office. Eventually we want to produce short films and documentaries — even music videos.
How to Give: You can make a one-time donation or recurring monthly gifts by clicking on the Donate Now button.
Your gifts should be in addition to your regular giving to Aglow International and are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law. Donate Today!

What we need:

Cameras (3) $38,848
Camera Accessories $9,141
Audio $2,742
Production $21,355
Lighting, cabling, etc $11,000
Ongoing training $1200/yr for 3 years
TOTAL $86,686

Update: As of June, 2018 we have purchased 2 dedicated video cameras with accessories and lighting. We currently have some critical needs for data storage and eventually we want to purchase a third camera. We're so grateful for the funds that have come in, and look forward to taking Aglow video to new levels with this additional equipment. Thanks so much!