2017 moi conference

Al BalengerAl and Laurie BelangerAl Belanger

Al, born in Riverside, California, grew up in California, Okinawa, and finally the Puget Sound area of Washington State. He enlisted in the Marines and spent two tours in Vietnam before returning to Bellingham, Washington, to pursue a degree in Chemistry.

During his final year in college, Al met his soon to be wife, Laurie. After graduation in 1975, he set a wedding date with Laurie for December and began to search for work outside of Western Washington as the recession hit the area very hard. Al recommitted his life to the Lord as he walked out the door, acknowledging that he did poorly running his own life, and asked the Lord to direct every step from then on.

After finding work in Santa Barbara, Al returned to Bellingham, married Laurie, and drove back to California to raise their three children in Santa Barbara, Oxnard and finally Bakersfield, California. During his career, Al helped start up four company’s in silicone chemicals manufacturing and retired as General Manager of the Bakersfield plant in 2003. Laurie began her time with Aglow in Oxnard, California, eventually serving with the Oxnard Lighthouse, as President. She went on to serve on the Southwest Area team and then on the Southern San Joaquin Valley Area team until 2004.

After retiring, Al and Laurie bought a home in Bellingham, Washington, expecting to move back from California, but the Lord said they were not finished there yet. They continue to minister with family and friends in both states.

Al helped to start up the Southern San Joaquin Valley MOI group in Bakersfield. Al and Laurie currently serve as Stewardship Ambassadors for Aglow International, and Al as Men of Issachar Coordinator for the Southwest Coastal Region as well as the Northwest Region. They are both committed to supporting Aglow in any way that they are called.

Dean CurtisDean CurtisDean Curtis

Introducing Dean Curtis, Men of Issachar Coordinator, operating out of New Mexico:

Born in Kansas City, Kansas, and raised in Houston, Texas, Dean grew up in the space and medical centers of Houston. He was involved in acting and Boy Scouts. Boy Scouts was they only exposure to church and the gospel for Dean. He was saved at age 33.

In Houston and Austin, Dean worked in information systems for about 30 years. Taking assignments in New Zealand, Canada, England, France, and the US, Dean created experimental application development methodologies and system modeling tools to speed development of computer programs. He managed multi-site, multicultural 24/7 operations for large software organizations. From there he worked as a data and systems architect, and project manager to merge corporations and reengineer and streamline their business processes.

Dean currently lives in New Mexico where he is a professional performance coach, working to help people clarify their personal and professional goals, and set plans in place to achieve their dreams. He loves to see people grow in their calling. After moving to New Mexico, he married the love of his life, Lenda Curtis, the Regional Director of Aglow’s Southwest Region, and has been a part of Aglow ever since.

Dean has two children, one an officer in the US Navy, and the other is a worship leader and photographer, working on her second degree in computer science. He has four grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

He attended Rhema Bible School in 2006, and is currently enrolled in another Bible school, studying reformation teachings of the early church. Dean recently took a missions trip to Kashmir and Nepal. Next year he is planning another mission trip to Afghanistan and other smaller countries in the area.

Dean enjoys the outdoors, music, playing hand-drums, traveling, humor, and good food.

John LofbergJohn & Sandy LofbergJohn Lofberg

Introducing our Men of Issachar Coordinator and our prophetic psalmist John Lofberg, operating from South Dakota, in Aglow’s Great Plains-Rocky Mountain region:

John retired after a 26-year career in the USAF and teaching college math for 16 years.

John has a deep, quiet strength and a witty creative streak, often bringing unique observations into the lives he touches. John has a desire to see Gods creativity released and expressed through the lives of men and women of Aglow, to realize a new dimension in their relationship with Jesus.

John is married to Sande, who also serves in Aglow as the Regional Director for the Great Plains-Rocky mountain Region. They live in Rapid City, SD and have two children and six grandchildren. John has served both as an elder and as a member of the council in his church.

Kevin MathiasKevin MathiasKevin Mathias

Introducing Kevin Mathias, our Men of Issachar Coordinator, operating out of Yuma, Colorado:

Kevin’s Mathias has been a Lighthouse advisor for 30 years. He has been married to Lola for 46 years and has has 5 grandsons, loved by he and his wife, Lola. He is the owner of Mathias Insurance Company.

Kevin is a native Coloradan, born in Del Norte, Colorado. He grew up in Denver and went to Adams State College.

Key scriptures for Kevin’s identity statement are 2 Corinthians 9:8, Joshua 1:6-8, and Colosians 1:9-14.

Kevin attends New Life Christian Center where he sings tenor on his worship team. He is a member of Washington Yuma Gideon Camp and leads a Men of Issachar breakfast Bible study using Graham Cooke’s GameChangers.

Kevin’s favorite food is Mexican food & spicy salsa. His favorite music is contemporary Christian, classical, and the Queen of England’s Black Watch bagpipes. Kevin also plays guitar.

John McCrosskeyJohn McCrosskeyJohn McCrosskey

Introducing John McCrosskey, MOIC Prayer Coordinator operating out of Texas:

When John was just one month old, his family moved from his birthplace in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to Rapid City, South Dakota. John was raised with two brothers and an adopted sister by a medical doctor father who loved classical music, and a former teacher/housewife mother amongst the Black Hills of South Dakota.

John began playing trombone in sixth grade, and won a rare state band trombone placing in high school. After graduation, John continued studying trombone performance in classical music at the Manhattan School of Music in New York City.

His first professional job was with the American Symphony Orchestra during his senior year of college. He continued his career with the Dallas Symphony for four years, then moved to the Houston Symphony Orchestra, where he enjoyed Principal and Co-Principal Trombonist seasons for 27 years.

In retirement, John has been called to substitute for the Houston Symphony, the Houston Ballet and the Houston Grand Opera Companies.

John was saved and received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit at Lakewood Church in Houston under Pastor John Osteen, and then met his wife Lydia at Lakewood. They were both involved in an outreach group taking food, Bibles, and clothes to three different wards in the city of Houston. They also ministered in music, street ministry, missionary trips, and the prayer partner ministry through Lakewood. For seven years, they ministered at Love Joy Glory Church in downtown Houston, where they ministered to the homeless and recovering addicts. Currently, they minister weekly at a local nursing home/care center.

John and Lydia have been involved in Aglow International for many years. For both local and area teams, John has been an advisor while Lydia has served as president and in other offices. Together they have enjoyed many Aglow trips to Israel and many national/international conferences. John has attended every conference since 1999, and Lydia since 1993. They worked together on the GCST committees for Houston conferences in 2001 and 2011.

They have served as Texas State Prayer Coordinators since 2013. This has included leading a local group of intercessors believing for their community, Brenham, the birthplace of Texas, to experience revival, renewal, and transformation. John also enjoys studying the Word of God.

DavidMoe 5 19David MoeDavid Moe

Introducing Men of Issachar Coordinator David Moe:

Operating from the Janesville, WI area, Dave Moe is an encourager who understands that encounters with the Holy Spirit change lives. Dave’s identity and purpose are found in Isaiah 61:1-3. He has a vision to see many spiritual acorns become oak trees in the Lord. David is a man of wisdom and integrity who walks in humility, sometimes finding himself on a road less travelled. He is learning the language of one whose citizenship is in Heavenly realms, and can frequently be seen encouraging a friend or helping out with household repairs.

In his role with Men of Issachar, he believes that men are in ministry right where they are, in their sphere of influence. He sees God raising the bar in the way that men reflect the character of Jesus as they find their identity in Him. He also recognizes the times, and has explored biblical eschatology (visit him at theseareelijahdays.com and facebook.com/theseareelijahdays).

David is currently a sales manager in the agribusiness industry, is involved with his local church, and enjoys spending time with his four granddaughters. He can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Gary D.Gary WilliamsGary & Kathie Williams Williams

Introducing Gary D. Williams, Men of Issachar Coordinator, operating from California:

Gary was born in Jamestown, New York in 1944 where he met his wife, Kathie in high school. Upon graduation, he received a Congressional appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland.

Gary and Kathie were married in 1965 and moved to the San Francisco Bay Area where they raised two children and were blessed with five grandchildren.

After living life “his way,” for 31 years, getting caught up in partying and extramarital affairs, Gary finally surrendered to Jesus’ Lordship. God immediately healed his marriage and began to order his steps making it very clear that he was to go to Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, OK. He graduated with the class in 1980 with a degree in New Testament Theology.

When Gary moved his family back to Northern California, God led him to take a job in office equipment sales with a national company instead of the ministry career he expected. Within six months, Gary was the top salesman in the nation. A year later he started his own company and grew it to annual sales in excess of $4 million. He became a forerunner in Market Place Ministries with a Chaplin on staff.

In 2000, Gary purchased two office buildings in Menlo Park, CA to house both his office equipment business and to launch an Executive Suites business to help startup companies. Gary sold the office equipment business in 2006 and continues to host over 45 startup companies.

God has continually stretched Gary’s faith through huge financial commitments and health challenges. He is a prostate cancer survivor, has experienced rapid healing of a broken back and is grateful for the army of Aglow prayer warriors.

Gary is ordained by Third Day Churches, was an Aglow Area Board Advisor, is a member of Men of Issachar, and serves Aglow International with his wife Kathie as Stewardship Ambassador. His vision is to see people become all God has called them to be in their families, businesses and the Body of Christ.

Jim WilliamsJim WilliamsJim Williams

Introducing Jim Williams, our Men of Issachar Coordinator in the Atlanta, Georgia area:

Jim has been a software engineer for nearly forty years and is a Men of Issachar Coordinator for Aglow International. He has a compassionate heart and strong desire for all to experience the freedom of salvation that is only available through faith in Jesus Christ. Whether it’s mopping a floor, or being part of a strategic prayer team, Jim serves with joy in whatever capacity he is called. He is dependable and faithful.

Jim is married to Carolyn, who also serves in Aglow as Area Team President of North Georgia. They live near Atlanta and have five children and six grandchildren.