Understanding the Times

The Bible speaks of men of Issachar who understood the times (1Chronicles 12:32). Today, God is calling for men who are aware of current events and have a global perspective; men who will pray with godly authority for heaven's kingdom to invade the kingdoms of this world. Such men are found in Aglow! Read more...
Watch as Dave McDaniel, MOI Director, shares about Men of Issachar.

Strategic Investment

Nehemiah Project is a way for men to step in as protectors and providers for the ministry of Aglow. Learn More...

Upcoming Events:

Aglow's 2022 Conference information will be held Nov. 3-6 in St. Louis. Speakers include Jane Hansen Hoyt, Dutch Sheets and Tim Sheets. Register today!

"Through Men of Issachar I've learned to pray with authority and expectation. We've been called for such a time as this to make a difference in this world."

John L.