Dave McDaniel
Dave McDaniel, MOI Director

Dave McDaniel serves as the Men of Issachar Director for Aglow International. Prior to early retirement, his career was in California high school education as a teacher, school administrator and head football coach for 30 years. 

Dave is a capable leader and motivator who encourages the gifts in others. He is passionate to see people live in the fullness of their identity and spiritual inheritance. Dave has a zeal to bring the favor of God’s goodness into the atmosphere of the family, workplace, and community. He shares the Word of God with practical and prophetic wisdom. With an understanding of the times, he encourages men to bring a godly influence and blessing to those around them through living in the fullness of the Kingdom.

In his book, Dancing on the Waters, Dave explores the journey of fulfillment, identity and purpose through close and intimate conversations with God. He is an engaging speaker who delivers truth from a Biblical perspective with kindness and gentleness.

Dave has been married for 29 years to Nancy McDaniel, Aglow International Prayer Director.