Gideon Air Strike

Gideon Air Strike is an intiative of the Nehemiah Project, which was created as a fundraising mechanism to identify and fund critical needs for Aglow International. This has been a great blessing for Aglow because the projects we have undertaken have freed up more resources from the general fund. The staff has done a marvelous job of managing Aglow resources. Being good stewards of those resources, Aglow has been able to sustain growth in the nations despite the challenge of the rising costs to do so.


This is where men, as providers and protectors, have stepped up to provide funds for the Nehemiah Project so the ministry can direct more funds to serve the growing global needs…170 plus nations in the earth and counting! As we were challenged to come up higher at our Jerusalem Convocation, God is calling for a Gideon Company of men who will step up and do their part. Gideon began his battle quest with 32,000 men, and God whittled it to just 300 men to bring greater glory to His Name. When we do our part, He will do His, and He always does it in an “exceedingly above all you can think, dream, or imagine” way (Ephesians 3:20). 

You are invited to be part of the Gideon Air Strike Company, a series of three-month giving projects in which you can participate in some or all of them.  Please consider being part of something that will have eternal ramifications.  We have asked the Father to shower such blessing upon you who participate that it will change your life forever. 

GIVING STRATEGY:  Three (3) month giving project beginning January 13 and ending April 10.

  • Asking for 300 men to give $25.00 per month for three (3) months.
  • Any additional revenue collected will be deposited in the Nehemiah Project for the next project.
  • Each three-month period will begin a new Gideon Air Strike Giving Project.  April 13 – July 10; July 13 – Oct. 16; Oct. 19 – Jan. 15.  Communication will be sent out explaining the next giving project.

NEED:  Continuing upgrade of Aglow's backup systems to include Processing, Backup & Storage of Aglow Videos. This follows the initial system backup, previously funded by the Nehemiah Project Giving.

COST:  $13,500 


  • OnlineVisit to make a secure donation.
  • Mail:  123 – 2nd Avenue So. Suite 100, PO Box 1749, Edmonds, WA 98020-1749.  Make checks payable to Aglow International, and in the memo line, write “Gideon Air Strike”. 


  • A monthly progress email will be sent showing how much money has been raised and how it relates to the giving goal. This will be sent after the 2nd week of each month within the 3-month project.
  • A video message will be sent explaining each upcoming project.
  • Follow the giving progress on the Aglow website and right here on the Men of Issachar website.

Thank you for participating in this project and globally sowing into the harvest fields of the nations of the earth!

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