What it Means to Be Men of Issachar in Aglow International


As more and more Men of Issachar affiliations are springing up, it is so important that we never forget the foundation of our identity and our astonishment at how great and awesome our God is. As Men of Issachar, our past only echoes how great and matchless He has been in our development. Our present only reflects our current understanding of our purpose at hand. But the future is a brand new invitation to discover and explore the purposes for which we were created…our mission, if you will. Men of Issachar is a catalyst unveiling an identity for men in Aglow that carries great weight in the Spirit because of its persona—how God sees the purpose and character of Men of Issachar. Dwayne Burris of Denver, Colorado, sent the following excerpts he gleaned from The Issachar Factor by Joshua Ong.

Meaning of “Issachar”

  • Comes from the Hebrew word yissakar. It means “he will bring reward.”
  • Comes from the root word nasa, meaning “to lift, to advance, bring forth, exalt.”
  • Comes from the 2nd root word sakar which means “payment of contract, salary, reward, wages.”

Characteristics of Issachar

  • He is a born servant. He is a humble and honorable servant. He is a man of compassion.
  • He is unobtrusively present. His presence in a crowd is not noticeable, but when he is not around, his presence is missed.
  • When a job needs to be done, Issachar is always ready to help and do it. This is his calling and inheritance.
  • Issachar is a man who has the spirit of discernment and has an understanding of the times to know what to do.

Jacob’s Prophecy to Issachar in Genesis 49:14-15

  • Issachar is a strong donkey, lying down between two burdens; He saw that rest was good and that the land was pleasant; he bowed his shoulder to bear a burden, and became a band of slaves.
  • Men of Issachar have a purpose to serve, to shoulder the burden of those around us. Operating from a place of rest and resolve, Men of Issachar rise up in their identity to address the issues around us in wisdom, understanding, and a growing knowledge of who God is. Does this sound like you? I believe it does.

As Men of Issachar, the alarm has sounded awakening the deep-seated purposes of man in God’s plan. Never designed to run solo, man is being drawn into a concrete understanding that we have a sound—a persona—being reconciled to merge with the voice of women. This in turn releases the true sound of God’s heart—man and woman together—that has the enemy very nervous. Men and women are being swept into the passionless, seeingwhat true dominion looks like. Men of Issachar must understand and operate in hisstrengths and gifts. Women have gifts and strengths that we do not have, and together, we create a synergy in the Spirit that will awaken creation.

It’s Time to Answer the Call

Do you have a deep passion to elevate to a higher place in worship, to seek His heart like never before? With a discerning understanding of the times, men are crackingout of the cocoon that has prepared us for such a time as this. The Father is raising up a new army of warriors; ones that will chose the tougher road and not settle for the easy way out. God is connecting us with His purpose, the very reason why we were created. He is beckoning us to get out of the boat of what used to work and begin to walk upon the waters of limitlessness. We are being raised up as a new army of priests, prophets and kings that seek after His heart. We are priests who will minister to Him first before ministering to others. We are prophets who will hear what God is saying in the secret place before we speak. We are kings who follow after God’s own heart instead of our own agenda.

Identity is so very important in this next phase of discovering God’s purpose in us. We are only a threat to the enemy and never to others. Knowing who we are allows us to begin to declare our persona as our weapon. I conclude with this identity statement of what Men of Issachar is. Begin to repeat this out loud and allow this to become your weapon against the lies of the enemy. God always has the last word. Will you partner with me by stepping into this I am statement?

Men of Issachar, Aglow International, I am…statement:

I am a priest, prophet and king who bears the burdens of others, working in humility and servanthood, full of honor and compassion, willing to take the road less traveled if it is the right one. I understand the times and chase after God’s heart in worship, and I am surrounded by reward…lifting, advancing, and bringing forth the Word of God into the earth. I am an intercessor that brings change into the atmosphere that releases inheritance.

Embracing God's Thoughts Toward You
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