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What does 2018 hold in store for you? Will this be the year we step up into a new sense of the majesty of Jesus? This new season is brand new, and we have never passed this way before.

Graham Cooke spoke to an auditorium of leaders at the Richmond Conference Leadership Summit this past September. His words were challenging and encouraging as he presented me with a question: Are you ready to step into a brand new season of the majesty of Jesus in your life?

He went on to add:

Majesty is a mindset, a lifestyle. Have a sense of wonder of who you can be. God goes before us, then He goes with us. Ponder these questions with high anticipation:

  • Who is Jesus in me, and who am I becoming in Him?
  • What is He seeing?
  • What resources is He planting?
  • What is the point of being worried?
  • Explore what He has hidden for me. Have a sense of wonder.
  • Exodus 3 is called the classic strategy chapter for OVERCOMERS. God is not just running the enemy out but blessing the people within.

Exodus 3: Overcoming the Past with God’s Promises for the Future

As men, we can become stuck in the present and wonder why we cannot clearly hear the voice of God. Much of the reason can be we are enamored by current events through the lens of old perceptions.

  • Graham said that dullness is where we are so dumbfounded by the world that we cannot hear what God is saying.

The last two verses of Chapter 2 give us a revelation of God’s intentions to raise up a deliver in Chapter 3. Verses 24 and 25 say, “God heard their (Israelites) groaning, and God remembered His covenant…and God looked upon the children of Israel, and God acknowledged them.”

  • When God is moved by the cries of His people, and those cries align with the timing of His heart, He doesn’t all the sudden go looking for a qualified deliverer. Instead, through His sovereignty and power, He has been at work preparing His vessels for the moment of deliverance.
  • Do you know that God has been preparing each one of us for a “such a time as this” moment?

God Is Calling. Are We Listening?

We have all heard the story of how God appeared to Moses in the burning bush in Exodus 3. A burning bush was not something out of the ordinary in the desert, but this time the bush was not being consumed by the fire (V2). Moses turned to see this great sight—why the bush does not burn—and when the Lord SAW that he TURNED TO LOOK, God called to him…(V4).

  • Are you ready to experience things outside the ordinary in this new season? Things that may have been normal in the past and have not garnered our attention may be the place from which your name is called. But we need to LOOK and be observant of the “normal” things around us.
  • When we turn to see the things God is showing us, we will hear our name called. If we ask God to place us in position to bring His glory, be ready to see things the way He sees them and not as they appear to our natural mind. Ask God who He wants to be for us, and purpose to see everything in that revelation.
  • A Normal Day Turns Into A Day Of Destiny

God is on the move in 2018, and we have been learning in the past seasons of our lives how important identity is, especially our persona—how God sees each of us. The struggles of our past failures, old traditions formed from a limited understanding of who God is, and the previous seasons of our lives, designed to prepare us for this one season—the one for which we were created—have all combined to bring a maturity level of trust and faith. Moses didn’t start out his life as the deliverer of a nation. He began as an abandoned child, escaping genocide, but was raised up in an environment that would eventually make room for his identity.

  • When God created you, He protected you for this moment in history.
  • God uses every circumstance in your life to ready you for this crossroad of where preparation meets opportunity.
  • Do not give up nor be discouraged at what you see before you. Know who you are in Christ, and trust in His majesty for you. It is HE that will bring every detail into completion to fulfill the call of God on your life. Don’t give up!! Look up!! See what He sees, and you will hear His voice calling out your name.
  • The timing of God is in 2018. Remember: Chapter 3 began with Moses tending the flock of his father-in-law but ended with the promise, “So you shall plunder the Egyptians.”

Majesty Is A Lifestyle

I ask you to join me and Aglow International in making the majesty of God a mindset and a lifestyle. Let’s replace the old mindset patterns with a new sense of wonder of who we are in the eyes of God. God has already gone before us, and now He goes with us, leading us victoriously and triumphantly as His own. Every time we are confronted with negativity or accusation, let’s agree to apply the following questions each time:

  • Who is Jesus in me, and who am I becoming in Him?
  • What is He seeing? What is He seeing in me?
  • What resources is He planting?
  • What is the point of being worried? I have Him, and He is leading and guiding me.

Prayer Of Agreement

Therefore, Father God, we come into agreement with Your heart that sees us as completed and finished. We thank You for going before us to plant the hidden treasures and discoveries of our future as You come back into time to take us through this unfamiliar place.

We are honored today to be called Your sons, and as we step into this new season with You, implode within us a brand new sense of wonderment at who You are, what You are, and what You desire to be for us. This is truly a season we can presume upon Your greatness, for it is hidden in plain sight within Your majesty. Your majesty, glory, truth, and love surround us on all sides to increase us in favor, wisdom, and understanding to slay every giant and tear down every stronghold and speculation coming against the knowledge of God within us.

Show us what You see. Let us hear what You say. We come up higher to walk in alignment with You and in agreement with what You want to do. Like Jesus, we only want to say what the Father says, and we only want to do what the Father does. It is time for our destiny to merge with our mission. As Men of Issachar, we run to position and trust the details of our lives to the loving care of Your hands.

We are honored to serve alongside of You, Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith. To You who gave up Your life that we may live, we gladly give up our lives for You. Here we are, Lord. Send us into this new season of new beginnings. In the powerful name above all names, Jesus, Amen.

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