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I was telling my wife of an interesting picture I saw as I was out on our school campus early in the morning this week.  I saw several large ravens strutting on the cold sidewalk in front of one of our buildings.  What caught my eye was one of the birds seemed to be positioned in front of a dark reflective window.  This window was as tall and wide as the door, and it was the only window in the entire building.  While the other birds were strutting the length of the sidewalk looking aimlessly at the dull walls of the build-ing, this one raven was enjoying himself in front of the reflective window, going back and forth never losing eye contact with his reflection. 

I was told later that this is a daily occurrence early in the morning before anyone arrives and disturbs this interaction.  I was amazed at the two different experiences this group of birds were having.  The majority was religiously there every day but could never see their reflection.  This one bird, however, was so enjoying the experience that I wondered what captivated his attention.  

The Holy Spirit drew my attention to how important identity is.  As men, we strive for a reflection of truth that shows us who we are, what we look like to the Father, and the affirmation of our beauty to the eyes of heaven.  Many times we are in the right place where God wants to show us that reflection, but we are busy looking into the wrong surfaces of opinion, performance, and tradition hoping to capture who we are.  Relinquishing our photo book of our past identity and gazing into what we are becoming in Him is as easy as moving into the right position that reflects how God sees us.  Simply put, if we are not seeing beauty and purpose, we are looking in the wrong places.  

Searching for a Picture

As men who are searching for that picture of how God sees us, we must stop looking for our significance in the same hard-surfaced places.  Those artificial places can bring discouragement and deception.  When we look at the functions of our life to affirm our identity, we will never be good enough to reach its requirements for purpose.  Remember, God sees you as what you were created to become...a finished product...not from your present or past snapshots of purpose.

Consumed By How God Sees Us

The Holy Spirit has put His finger on us, wooing us into position to receive the true revelation of how He sees us.  This reflection can only come by moving into a relational position with a lifestyle of abiding in His Secret Place.  Because God is a God of habitation, we can no longer be visitors to His Presence.  We must live there.  

Corporately, as Men of Issachar, Aglow International, we are instruments of gender reconciliation and restoration intertwined in the purpose and mission of Aglow.  The mission and vision of Aglow carries the truth of the Kingdom and invites us to be agents of change in the earth.  These are not reserved or separated by gender distinction.  They are strengthened by the merging together of the genders to bring honor, respect, and affir-mation to the other.  One purpose, one heartbeat, one mind...the mind of Christ.   We are bound together, working in harmony and unity of purpose, fulfilling the destinies before us.  

Like the raven in front of the window, be consumed by how He sees such beauty and purpose when your eyes meet His.  Then stay there.

Conversations With God

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