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New Wine Requires a New Wineskin


2017 Jubilee Conference2017 Jubilee Conference

If you attended the Aglow 2017 Jubilee Conference, you heard some of the most pointed and time-sensitive words from our speakers. I encourage all of you to get the transcripts of the conference and begin studying the words spoken. There is a brand-new encounter of His presence as He is drawing us through the open door of His permission. A brand-new wine awaits the brand-new wineskin of whosoever will.

Here are just a few of the excerpts of our speakers:

Jane Hansen Hoyt: God has formed a company of men and women who are not afraid of the challenges in front of us. We have been prepared for such a time as this. Aglow was birthed out of a time of trouble. We are at an appointed time, and we are an appointed people.

Graham Cooke: We are training to be the best kingdom representation on your worst day.” In learning to follow majesty, “see who God is first. If you look at the situation first, you will react. If you look to Him first, you will respond.” The Lord says, “I am calling you to be the one that prays the one prayer that will cause the kingdom to descend. Begin writing crafted prayers in line with My promises, and write crafted PUSH prayers…Pray Until Something Happens. Begin to pray the prayers linked to promises, not supplications.

Dutch Sheets: A new wineskin has nothing to do with age. It has to do with the heart. You are a giant-killing organization…There are some things He has said to you (Aglow) yesterday that are going to defeat national, international, geographical, wicked spirits, and the rulers of the darkness of this world. Principalities are going to be dismantled because of promises that are acted on by this ministry around the world. The greatest harvest of Aglow is not in your past; it is in your future.

Chuck Pierce: Whatever wall we have been up against, the Lord says, ‘I am giving you access in where you could not get through in the last season.’ Decree you are coming through this season. It is a portal. This year is our breakthrough portal year. We break the gate in 8. There is a breakthrough anointing on us for the year ahead. The warfare that we have experienced as we have moved toward this day has been a warfare to establish the promises that God has given us… Now I want to say this to women and men this year, you are going to receive a seer anointing and God is going to open your eyes to things you could not see in other seasons.

Barbara Yoder: There is a huge tsunami of glory coming. God is releasing his entire angelic host to do what He wants to do. There is tsunami of glory, not revival, glory. There is a great tsunami of glory to release revival. Are you ready for a glory encounter? This is the day of the new.

What do we do with this?

Simply put, begin to move into the truth of these powerful words. If we try to reason and weigh these words with an old mindset, we will not experience the fullness of revelation and authority within this permission. A shift of our mindset into the majesty of God…understanding that we do not have it figured out, nor do we have the blueprint for the future…creates a new level of communication, expectation, and relationship with the Father. He is interested in leading us INTO the next step. Why? Because we have never been here before.

New Wine Requires a New Wineskin

This is a time of allowing the Holy Spirit to create within us a new wineskin, a necessary and critical upgrade if we really want a powerful move of His Spirit to supersede the old. There has been nothing wrong with the old; it has been part of our upgrades of yesterday. It has led us as far as it could. Today, however, is a new day through a new door of His majesty. Through this new door of His presence, we can experience the fulfillment of yesterday’s prophetic promises because He will equip us to carry a new wine, a new anointing, and a new authority in this new day. Being prepared for where we are now…that has been the purpose of our yesterday. Today is new, a place where we can drink of His presence never experienced.

An Invitation to Move into This New Place

The only requirement is to move in a new way of thinking, perception, and language in alignment with His truth. Are we willing to go to the “never-before” places in Him? Is there an unction of Holy Spirit drawing us into these deep waters to say the words the Father says and to do the things the Father does? Do we truly want to deploy into a lifestyle of doing the things that Jesus did, and even greater things beyond? God is putting together a company of men and women who will believe Him at His Word, to go forth into the unknown unafraid as warriors, kings and priests. As Dutch Sheets said, “We are a time where we must pull the trigger.”

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