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The world is rapidly changing, and the light of God’s truth is exposing every work of darkness. I encourage you to see world events through the lens of God’s purpose and plan. The stirring of the Spirit of God is directly in line with what the Word of God teaches (Matthew 24). Our call to prayer is also our call to war. Aglow International is a frontline army of warriors carrying the presence and purpose of God into the very hotbed of demonic activity.

As Jane Hansen Hoyt has said, “Satan is not our enemy. We are his.” This powerful statement does not mean that Satan is less than an enemy for us. It means that we are not caught up with the power of darkness but instead the knowledge of the power of light that we bring into every situation. It announces to darkness that we are here to replace its power and residency with the authority of heaven. Continue to pray in this way, and do not get caught up with all the noise of the enemy’s camp. He is defeated. God causes us to operate in triumph, and we are more than conquerors in Him and His authority.

Devotional—Place Your Feet In The Challenge

To say that the challenges facing our world today have exceeded human solutions is an understatement. God has defied human logic and reason with the election of President Trump. Despite the polls in September leading up to the elections showing Mr. Trump lagging behind badly, and in spite of the media reports discounting him as a viable candidate, God showed us something remarkable about His intentions in the earth. God is not concerned nor swayed by public opinion or even the earthly intentions of mankind.

God Knows It All

But to you and me, God is concerned about everything that concerns us. We are to give God all our worries and concerns for He is always thinking about us and watching everything that concerns us (1Peter 5:7). A shift has taken place in how to perceive challenges around us. God is teaching us how to walk within the truths of His Word instead of being influenced by what the facts may convey. Heavenly revelation is eternal truth that can stand tall in any conflict or challenge. Human wisdom is limited by a ceiling of tethered solutions sequestered outside the realm of divine revelation. It is certainly a time in history for which we were fashioned and created. The question becomes how do we navigate the increased challenges of today? Can we continue to pray the same way we have prayed? How do we step into the new boldness and courage required for this elevated step of purpose?

What is God saying to us?

When Joshua was commissioned by Moses to lead Israel across the Jordan River and into the promise of their inheritance, Joshua was given a game plan that defied human logic. The strong garrisons of the enemies of Israel had been in operation for some time. The strongholds of territory had been long established. An overflowing Jordan River stood between Joshua and the promise. But the time for God's intentionality was upon Israel. God knew their nature and propensity to fear, especially with the immensity of the new challenges before them. That is why God gives us promises, so we may fight the battles before us using them as weapons (1Timothy 1:18). We can apply the promises to Joshua in our current situations:

Joshua 1:3...Every place that the sole of your foot will tread upon, I have given you.

  • Interesting use of verbs. Every place where Israel was going was theirs because God had already given it to them. What places of influence and resource has God promised us? The heavenly revelation here is that God has already given it to us.
  • But note, God did not bring the territory to Israel. He took Israel there. Showing them His powerful intentions and faithfulness along the way, God gave simple instructions that required an obedience to receive the fulfillment of the promise.

How do we stand in authority?

When God told Joshua to cross the Jordan River and into the promise, He instructed Joshua to deploy the Ark of the Covenant (the presence of God) upon the shoulders of the Levite priests first.

  • Before we step into our promised territory, we must take the presence of God into the battle first.
  • Our feet must stand in the difficulty and challenge first. Verse 8 says, "...you shall STAND in the Jordan...(13) as soon as the soles of the feet of the priests who bear the Ark of the Lord shall REST in the waters of the Jordan, that the waters of the Jordan shall be cut off."

Instead of focusing on God bringing the victory to us, He is bringing us into the victory by instructing us with some simple truths:

  1. Be strong and courageous (Joshua 1:6, 7, 9).
  2. Good success results from meditating day and night in the truth of His Word (Joshua 1:8).
  3. Do not be afraid or dismayed at the new battle; God is with us.
  4. Bring the presence of Jesus within you and place your feet in the middle of the challenge (Joshua 3:8, 13).
  5. Look at this fight differently. Remember, you have not passed this way before (Joshua 3:4).

The enemy is embedded in every challenge to our destiny, hoping that we will wilt in the conflict. We have not been promised a free pass from conflict and tribulation. On the contrary, Jesus said we would have challenging experiences but " be of good cheer (courage) for I have overcome the world (John 16:33)."

When asking for a personal application to His Word, I feel He is calling me into the conflicts surrounding my personal life, my country, and world events to bring a strong and courageous spirit to the battle. I plant my feet in the waters fighting against my promise, and I plant the presence of God to divinely receive the fulfillment of promise. Strength, courage, and boldness...the attributes of a champion army.

It is time we join together and bring all of these attributes into the troubled waters of the earth. Because we have been awarded dominion, the battles before us are an exercise bringing us into new territory. You, me, Him...all things are now clearly possible.

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