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My Life Purpose is Around the Corner


I have been a part of Aglow for almost twenty-five years, and as most men, I began by accompanying my wife to the various Aglow Lighthouse meetings and conferences. Just like many, I tasted of the rich anointing and vision for something more than what I was currently experiencing, and Aglow has been a major influence on my life. Amazed at the worship and the rich teaching, I was even more intrigued by the anointing and the mantle that has been resting upon our President, Jane Hansen Hoyt, and her ability to hear the heart of God and courageously step out into that word.

Our International Conference is a Crossroad

Today I sense a very important crossroad before us. As Graham Cooke has been teaching us, we are embarking upon new territory that will require upgrades in our understanding. To renew our thinking often requires us to reassess our present. In my life, I have begun to see major changes and shifts begin. It manifests in the natural as well as the spiritual, and I hear God say, “Pay attention. It is time to move forward.” I appreciate the way God brings us into understanding. He releases revelation and understanding in proportion to our willingness to go a next step into the unknown, to do what has never been done before. That is what a prototype ministry does. It blazes the trail by closely following the voice of God and His direction into our futures.

I Am Ready to Fulfill My Life Purpose. How about you?

Our Global Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana on November 5-8 is a crossroad conference for me. As the newly appointed Men of Issachar Coordinator for Aglow International, I have never felt such purpose and destiny for men and women to finally come together as one voice in this hour. It is as if every “season” of my life has led up to this one season. What about you? Do you feel that God has been preparing you for this one season of purpose, perhaps even the very reason why you were created?

God has my attention. This Global Conference theme of “As One, for Such a Time as This,” is bringing all the stakeholders into the game, and God has strategically linked all of the mandates of Aglow into one invitation to be a united voice to fulfill God’s purpose for this next hour. What a powerful commissioning of unity!

Breath of God

What would it look like for male and female to operate together in one purpose? What might the consequences be of a corporate anointing of Messianic Jew, born-again Muslim, and believing Gentile together? I sense the breath of God wants to be released through all as one. I want to be commissioned fresh and new into my purpose, to experience the very reason why I was created. Do you? This is a very strategic moment for men in particular, to come into the fullness of your identity.

Men of Aglow, I am inviting you to attend this conference because the corporate anointing you will take back home will transform your culture and your nation. Will you take the step into your future by bringing your part of the earth as an offering to this conference? Will you drop me a reply and let me know you are coming? We will be having a men’s breakfast and a time of speaking into each other’s lives. I look forward to hearing from you. The information about the conference, registration, and other pertinent details is nicely laid out on the Aglow website. It is very simple and user friendly.

I would be interested in hearing your perspective of what God is saying to you at this moment about your life’s destiny. I invite you to respond back to me with your thoughts. God’s richest blessings.

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