God Has More To Give Than We Expect


John Lofberg, Men Of Issachar Coordinator, wrote the following excerpt:

You may have heard words similar to “you only get what you expect “.

So, here is a related thought to ponder. It is true you only get what you expect, except when God unexpectantly intervenes.

Consider the fishermen Simon and his brother Andrew in Matthew 14:19. They were simply casting their nets, just getting ready for their day, only doing what was expected of them. And they were only expecting another day among the smelly fish and the hustle and bustle of the fishing community.

Then along came this Jesus and said, “Follow Me and I will make you fishers of men.” From beginning their day with only the expectations of the daily grind and with no elevated expectations (they must not yet have listened to Zig Ziglar et al.), their sights were set only on the tasks at hand and yet somehow the words that Jesus spoke to them forever changed them, and as they followed Him, they changed the world!

As we struggle with developing our own “GREAT EXPECTATIONS” let us also pay close attention to the still small voice; a voice that may be clearer than we expect. In the midst of our smelly messes, maybe we also need to be aware that God likes to intervene in our lives when we least expect it. Recall as He spoke to Simon and Andrew, the normal was suddenly anything but normal. They began their daily lives with a sense of drudgery and finished the day with hope, vision and a purpose that was lacking earlier. Let us listen for that still calm voice…a voice that is growing louder saying to us, “Follow Me.” John Lofberg

God Has More To Give Than We Expect

As I pondered John’s words, his thoughts are timely, and succinctly describe the Kingdom environment in which we are experiencing the ongoing release of His intentionality. Those intentions of His heart exceed our expectations, and it is very easy to miss His message in all of this: If you are going to make any mistakes this year, be TOO presumptuous of Me. This prophetic directive given by Graham Cooke at our Global Conference is an invitation to bury hope-deferred, increase our faith, and begin to agree with His heart toward us. He really does want to do exceedingly beyond and above what we could ever think, ask, dream, or imagine according to the power within us (Eph. 3:20). It is time to start dreaming bigger and align with His purposes. Nothing else matters.

We Have Been Growing In Our Relationship With Him

It is also easy to miss, and perhaps this is His design, the growth in Him we experience when we go along each day operating in our own expectations. We have been growing. We have been maturing. We have been learning and expanding our understanding throughout each experience of life. We see the normal, even mundane existence of each day, but God sees the growth of faith, hope, and love that is subtly rising, hidden within the day to day experiences of life. While we see the busyness, experience the weariness, and find our hands seemingly doing the same things day after day, God sees the faithfulness, honor, righteousness, and fruitfulness that is being developed.

We Are In A Philip Season

When we renew our thinking to include how much He loves us and is personally attentive to every moment of our lives, we can all begin to see how each detail of our lives is a fabric woven into His complete garment covering us. We are growing in Him, and our expectations of Him need an upgrade. As we address our expectations of the day, consider this thought. It is time to raise our expectations of His heart toward us. We are on His Potter's Wheel, being formed for each assignment, and as Philip was placed in an intersecting path of the Ethiopian (Acts 8:26-40), we too are being placed in divine encounters to release His presence.

Changing our mindset to see each day as an assignment to release His presence, our expectation level rises, and so does His. We will never be able to exceed His thoughts and intentions toward us because He is able to do exceedingly abundantly more than we could comprehend, so why not raise our expectations? Why not increase our faith? It is time to dream again and this time, dream bigger, and guess what? He will exceed even those dreams. Remember, hope-deferred is dead, and this year of new beginnings with increased levels of faith is our new normal. Raise your expectations with new levels of faith that match His intentions...daily.

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