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I am sharing a conversation I had with the Father this week about worry and fear.  It is a two-way conversation that begins with my prayer followed by His response.  I sense that as men, we tend to hold these kinds of emotions in, instead of talking them out with the Father.  He has a lot to say to us.  I begin...

Worry.  It leads to anxiety and insecurity.  It derives from a poverty mentality.  It points to a lack of completeness, wholeness, and maturity.  Worry.  Not to worry means a confidence in You that despite the circumstances, brings rest.  Worry is a choice.  It is much easier to worry because it does not require a present-future mindset or faith in Your loving care.  It is wasted time to become worried.  Worry and fear become bedfellows, and my love, faith and hope take a back seat, inactive and only along for the ride.

Quietly these three back seat riders reflect the answer: knowledge of You.  When will I master this, Father?  It is so simple yet so evasive when my mind defaults backwards.  My knowledge of You begins with the understanding that You know all things.  You know what I am going through, what I need and desire, and what I can handle because You know where I am going.  

A daily renewing and transformation of this wandering mind must take place each morning.  I activate love, faith, and hope to take back control of my heart.  More of You means more of You.  

If I seek first and foremost the Kingdom and Your righteousness, everything that I need and desire will be added to me.  Caught in a quagmire of earthbound thinking in this area, I loose my poverty thinking today and I welcome peace back into my mind.  Poverty thinking continually points to lack, never enough, and always wanting, even when there is plenty.  But today this knowledge of You frees me from anxious thought and an unguarded mind.  

In everything I encounter, through prayer and supplication bathed in thanksgiving, my conversation with You includes everything You have for me.  When I allow this to take place, You saturate me, coating me with a thick layer of peace.  I guard that peace this morning by fixing my thinking only on what is true, noble, just, pure, lovely, of good report, virtuous, and praiseworthy.

Meditation brings saturation. I willingly give You everything...spirit, soul, and body...and I ask that You set me apart with Your peace in these arenas, that I may become blameless and complete.  You are a faithful God that has called me, and because of Your faithfulness, not mine, You will do this.  

Thank You, Father, for Your constant kindness and everlasting goodness to me.

Your eyes have not seen, nor your ears heard, neither has My creative thoughts entered into your mind of what I AM about to do through you.  I AM the whole package.  I do not subcontract out to any other source.  It is all Mine, and I will do what I desire with it.  

When your worry receives life through old mindsets, you must redeem the time and put it back down again.  How?  By the truth of My word.  Your mind must become the gateway of My invasion of revelation and wisdom. Revelation and wisdom are always present-future works.  Worry is a byproduct of approaching your future with the present-past revelation and wisdom of that time.  That key does not fit this new door.  Find the key through Me.  

Worry and strife are earthbound magnets that keep you from coming up higher into the new realm of My peace and rest.  I AM calling you up higher.  Worry and fear are relegated to a horizontal plane and cannot come up with you.   Because you have presented to Me a heart of thanksgiving, I AM responding to fill your mind, body and spirit with peace and rest.  The fruit of these powerful weapons produce sons and daughters of kingdom authority that will take this arsenal into your 24-7 world.  

Remember, I AM the faithful One.  I have been given permission by your free will to remake, remodel, and remediate you into a deeper knowledge of who I AM for you in this journey.   

See My vastness yet My personal attention to you, as if you are the only son I have.  

See My expanded sovereignty throughout the earth yet My affections that run to meet you where you are.  

See My splendor throughout creation yet experience the creative thoughts and actions I have toward you.  

I AM your God and you are My son.  How can you worry?  You can't when you set your mind to know Me.

Are you going through a period of challenge right now?  Are you in need of a daily renewing of the mind?  I invite you to pen a prayer to Him asking Him to fill your mind with His Presence, His promise over you, and His provision of grace.  

This has been my conversation with God.  What is yours?  I would love to hear it.


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