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Can you hear a new sound?


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. I love the Christmas season and want to wish you all a blessed Christmas season. May your entire holiday season reflect the blessing of the Father over you and yours. I pray that we approach the 2017 year with new anticipation and commitment to move forward in our destiny. I ask for a fervency in prayer and exploration for God’s purpose and plan, and a follow-through discipline to complete our kingdom assignments in the year ahead.


As I read this post below from Jane Hansen Hoyt, Aglow International President and CEO, there was a leap in my spirit. Men have often commented about how to fit in Aglow. Divinely orchestrated from the Father’s hand, we have all been placed in position for such a time as this. As you read this again and again, let it seep deeper and deeper into agreement with what God has been stirring within us. This is about how we can position ourselves in alignment with women to move into the next phase of our identity.

Jane says:

This morning I felt the Lord speak to me specifically to the men who read my Facebook posts!
I want to honor you men for all of the ways you stand guard over your wives and your families.
I honor you for your ongoing faithfulness to lovingly support those you love.

I am humbled and blessed by the many ways you serve without ever looking for acknowledgement.
You continually give of yourself, even as Jesus did. Your heart is to bless those around you.
I think of Joseph, who faithfully stood with Mary, who was expectant with the life of Jesus in her womb.

He stood guard over and protected what God was bringing forth in the earth.

Even as I write this, I feel a stirring in my spirit that God is going to do something profound and mighty through men in 2017.

It will be in line with the magnificent unfolding of His original plan for both men and women.
It will be the beginning of a completion of His word, spoken at the beginning of time and it will bring a gentle power that will rock the world.

He is bringing forth something new in the earth.

Can you hear a new sound?

I can. It is so different. It is distinct in its origin but distant in its clarity, thus requiring us to move closer to the sound. Are we in position to hear the new sound, or are we listening to the noise from the past season? To be in position to hear what the Spirit of the Lord is saying requires intentional commitment on our part. What does God want to do through men this year? The story of Esther is familiar to Aglow and part of our DNA. When Jane released this word regarding men this past week, I was led to read the book of Esther again. I was struck by something I had not seen before.

Mordacai Moved Into Position To Hear

Esther 2:11 tells us that every day Mordacai paced in front of the court of the women’s quarters, to learn of Esther’s welfare and what was happening to her. This was happening at the beginning stages of Esther’s preparation in which she was soaking in oil to present herself before the king, and the process took a year, according to verse 12. Just like Mordacai, men of Aglow International have done the same thing. As women began to move into their destiny, growing in stature, wisdom, power, and authority, men paced in the Spirit as they were stirred to find their place in this powerful movement. In this transition, men have been tempered and prepared to truly understand the power of prayer. This past season we have found ourselves pacing in intercession, relinquishing the old models of control. Why? Because God was preparing vessels of honor to stand guard at the gates…to protect…to cover…and to bring forth a new sound for this new season.

Mordacai Moves Closer Within The King’s Gate

Verse 19 says when virgins were gathered together a second time, Mordacai sat within the king’s gate. Mordacai advanced to a closer position to listen and to communicate. He went from a position of pacing to one of resting. This is important as men move closer to the Father this year. He is drawing us into a closer position to hear the schemes of the enemy as Mordacai did when he overheard the assassination plot of the king. It is here that we can stand and pray in agreement with what Jesus is praying. It is here where we can thwart the destructive plans of the enemy before it is even formalized. Mordacai’s position at the king’s gate was critical in his communication with Esther and his stand of insolence toward Haman, all of which saved an entire nation.

What does all this mean?

As Jane has released this prophetic word over men in Aglow for 2017, it is our responsibility to position ourselves to receive it. This requires moving away from the pacing and searching into a place of resting and abiding in a closer, more intimate place before the King. It is here that we will hear His heart and release His sound through us.

Moving Together To The King’s Gate

An exciting time of moving together, male and female, is ahead. The blending of these two sounds will allow us to rest as we war. Where? At the King’s gate…where Aglow is stepping into the next phase of identity and destiny. What is the special thing the Father has in store for men in 2017? It is neatly awaiting our arrival at the King’s gate where we bring our gifts and our courage. It is in this court where women bring their talents, gifts, and courageous spirit. But together…when the combustible chemistry of these two sounds come into unison…we will begin to experience dominion as God intended. As Jane said…It will be the beginning of a completion of His word, spoken at the beginning of time, and it will bring a gentle power that will rock the world. He is bring something new in the earth.

Jane began her post honoring men. Let me finish by saying how much men honor women. Honor is the foundation for glory to rest. As men, we stand together with the women, as one, in Aglow to honor and be watchmen of protection over the destiny of all men and women in this new season of victory and inheritance.

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