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Vertical Positioning for Horizontal Purpose


In my book, Dancing on the Waters…Stepping Out of the Boat, available at the Aglow Store, a devotional to develop deep conversations with God, I came across a two-way conversation with the Lord about how I desired to climb higher in my understanding of how He sees me. I want to share my conversation with Him followed by His reply. Before you read this discourse, can you answer these questions?

  1. How should you respond when confronting difficult circumstances? Do you deal with them on a horizontal plane or on a vertical climb? What is the difference?
  2. What are the three key action verbs in Philippians 3:12-14 that can help you live an ascended lifestyle rather than a horizontal existence?
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New Anointing Through New Intimacy


God Wants To Fill Us With More
Jane Hansen Hoyt, Aglow International President, just released a video clip on our International Facebook page about some things God is sharing with her about 2016.  This powerful release of her voice and message also activated within me a call to deeper intimacy. 

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Standing in Confidence in 2016


I want us to stand in confidence in 2016 with an understanding that we have been prepared for this time in history. Over the many seasons of our lives, we have been trained, prepared, broken, restored, re-armed, and now repositioned to participate in the most powerful move of God’s Spirit upon mankind. God has taken every circumstance and season of our lives to shape us into the image of a warrior for this critical time.

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