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I Am Praying For You: Postcards to our President


Postcards to our President

Our International President and CEO, Jane Hansen Hoyt, has organized a powerful response to the negative campaign against our President.  There is an effort in place to overwhelm President Trump with negative post cards that express opposition to him.  Post cards that contain hate-filled messages are being encouraged. This event is to take place on March 15.

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Can you hear a new sound?


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. I love the Christmas season and want to wish you all a blessed Christmas season. May your entire holiday season reflect the blessing of the Father over you and yours. I pray that we approach the 2017 year with new anticipation and commitment to move forward in our destiny. I ask for a fervency in prayer and exploration for God’s purpose and plan, and a follow-through discipline to complete our kingdom assignments in the year ahead.

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Agreement With God's Word Over the Elections


Encouragement As We Pray

What an exciting time to be alive! As Men of Issachar, Aglow International, it is a privilege to be strategically placed in the earth to call forth the truth of God into all situations. We are beginning to hear the voice of God as never before. He is drawing us all into agreement with His heart.

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