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My Life Purpose is Around the Corner


I have been a part of Aglow for almost twenty-five years, and as most men, I began by accompanying my wife to the various Aglow Lighthouse meetings and conferences. Just like many, I tasted of the rich anointing and vision for something more than what I was currently experiencing, and Aglow has been a major influence on my life. Amazed at the worship and the rich teaching, I was even more intrigued by the anointing and the mantle that has been resting upon our President, Jane Hansen Hoyt, and her ability to hear the heart of God and courageously step out into that word.

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Conversations With God


I am sharing a conversation I had with the Father this week about worry and fear.  It is a two-way conversation that begins with my prayer followed by His response.  I sense that as men, we tend to hold these kinds of emotions in, instead of talking them out with the Father.  He has a lot to say to us.  I begin...

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I was telling my wife of an interesting picture I saw as I was out on our school campus early in the morning this week.  I saw several large ravens strutting on the cold sidewalk in front of one of our buildings.  What caught my eye was one of the birds seemed to be positioned in front of a dark reflective window.  This window was as tall and wide as the door, and it was the only window in the entire building.  While the other birds were strutting the length of the sidewalk looking aimlessly at the dull walls of the build-ing, this one raven was enjoying himself in front of the reflective window, going back and forth never losing eye contact with his reflection.

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