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New Wine Requires a New Wineskin


2017 Jubilee Conference

If you attended the Aglow 2017 Jubilee Conference, you heard some of the most pointed and time-sensitive words from our speakers. I encourage all of you to get the transcripts of the conference and begin studying the words spoken. There is a brand-new encounter of His presence as He is drawing us through the open door of His permission. A brand-new wine awaits the brand-new wineskin of whosoever will.

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Yesterday Is Gone


If there is a mountain before you, apply My grace to that mountain. I do not hold you accountable to your past because I AM a present-future God. Nothing from yesterday has a legal hold on you unless you allow your mind to surrender permission. I remember your development from yesterday, but I do not remember your past sin, failures, and shortcomings because they under the blood of Jesus. I see you differently than you see yourself. You are eyeing your challenges according to yesterday’s confidence, and that will torment you.

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Navigating the Challenges of Today


The world is rapidly changing, and the light of God’s truth is exposing every work of darkness. I encourage you to see world events through the lens of God’s purpose and plan. The stirring of the Spirit of God is directly in line with what the Word of God teaches (Matthew 24). Our call to prayer is also our call to war. Aglow International is a frontline army of warriors carrying the presence and purpose of God into the very hotbed of demonic activity.

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