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Yesterday Is Gone


If there is a mountain before you, apply My grace to that mountain. I do not hold you accountable to your past because I AM a present-future God. Nothing from yesterday has a legal hold on you unless you allow your mind to surrender permission. I remember your development from yesterday, but I do not remember your past sin, failures, and shortcomings because they under the blood of Jesus. I see you differently than you see yourself. You are eyeing your challenges according to yesterday’s confidence, and that will torment you.

Do not measure today’s pressures of performance against yesterday’s talents and abilities. Yesterday you did not understand the fullness of being an overcomer; today you do. Yesterday you could not do what presently lies before you; today you can. Yesterday’s understanding were lacking and incapable of addressing your present; today I AM here, and I have promised to be with you in everything. I have promised to enlarge you and stretch you into uncomfortable places of growth necessary to give birth to the harvest of your future. I will lead you triumphantly into this new place. Excerpt from Dancing on the Waters

Partnering Identity With God

While speaking with a friend on a Game Changer call this month, he shared a scripture and its meaning that brings revelation to every difficult situation. In Mark 10:27, Jesus says, “With men it is impossible, but not with God; for with God all things are possible.”

The key words in this scripture are not “impossible” or even “possible”. The qualifier is “with”. The word “with” means to partner with. If we are looking at our current challenges, and the best we have is a partnership with mankind, we will see impossibilities.

Only Possibilities With God

But Jesus is giving us a key. If we partner with God, all things are possible. Nothing is impossible in heaven. The word doesn’t even exist there. So why do we view outcomes through the lens of impossibilities? It may be because we haven’t renewed our mindsets away from the human limitations and into the fullness of understanding that when we come into partnership with God and His purposes, limitless possibilities result.

What are the current “impossibilities” facing us today? Are we looking at them through the eyes of man? We must take the circumstances and renew our mindset in partnership with God. God desires the best for us, and He is a good Father. To bring us to this understanding, God allows situations to surround us to bring a fresh understanding of His goodness. Our portion is to partner with Him, parting ways from the limitations of human thinking, and come into agreement with God, the author of all things possible. When He sees us, He sees all the limitless possibilities we can experience. We must come into the agreement of that truth to come into partnership with Him.

God sees us in our true identity, and everything serves and resources that identity. Seeing ourselves as God sees us brings us into partnership with Him and His purposes. All things are now possible!

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